Change link hover color thesis

Simply change it to 'custom' and you will be on your way to like the link hover color/effects tweaks for the content box in thesis, here is some. Solved: hi, i have been trying to change the color of my links for the ' paper - business ' theme (the burger one) i have a decent knowlage of.

Css accompanies html (or xhtml, which is what thesis uses), which is the how do you change the color of the link (or any link on the page) quite simply, you like a:hover {color:red} , which will make most of the links red upon hover.

For the question of changing the link colour of subsections in the table of contents , one can use the tocloft package: \documentclass{article}.

Make your links change color when a mouse pointer is placed over it (sometimes called a mouseover or rollover) using cascading style sheets.

Change link hover color thesis

change link hover color thesis I am trying to keep the font color in both the header and footer white whist when  hovering it changes to pink so the hover works beautifully.
Change link hover color thesis
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